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An AI digital robot that connects data and creates next-step actions for specific workflows

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Combining multiple data sources and tools into one

Maya automates tasks, offers smart suggestions, and saves you time. Say goodbye to manual organization and filtering—get personalized insights for your workflows effortlessly.
NCCS Use Case


The power to create stronger treatments for patients

Cancer Center in Singapore uses Maya to gain insights into patient data and correlate public or new IEDB peptide epitopes genome sequences and identify HLA’s that are associated with each peptide.


Reports For Specifc Workflows

Maya understands what type of insights are required for each workflow and provides justification for implementation.

"What data security measures are in place to ensure that sensitive information related to our product and SOPs is protected during the analysis?"

"What factors influence drug pricing and how can we strike a balance between accessibility and profitability?"

Meet Maya AI


Build Accuracy From Multiple Areas

Create valuable insights from different sources, internal integrations, and external sources at the same time. 

"Hey Maya, how do these trends impact what people buy?"

"Can you tell me the main points of this report and how to improve our customer experience?"

"Maya compare these different data reports to create better plans?"

Meet Maya AI
Meet Maya AI


Digital SME For Each User

Maya understands your role and responsibilities and analyze your behaviors to create a higher impact of relevant information. 

Meet Maya AI

Popular Use Case Areas

Meet Maya AI


Streamlining the processes to ensure that organizations are adhering to regulations and avoiding potential penalties or consequences.

Meet Maya AI


Establish streamlined processes and workflows to align with the latest regulatory changes, ensuring efficient operations that meet expectations and deliver on commitments.

Meet Maya AI


Automating tasks and enhancing communication, ensuring regulation adherence, minimizing risks, and fostering a safe environment for customers.

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Maya can speak and translate up to 14 languages and understands queries in different linguistic contexts, making it easy for users of various backgrounds to communicate with the system.

Maya keeps getting smarter by using advanced machine learning and regular updates with new data for accurate and relevant responses.

Maya learns from diverse text data during training, understanding patterns and relationships for the concept of customer success. The duration varies based on factors like dataset size and model complexity, ranging from days to weeks or longer for extensive models.

Maya AI prioritizes data privacy and security. Interactions are confidential, and strict measures are in place to safeguard user data, following industry-standard protocols and best practices to keep customer data safe, and have their team also manage data flow.

A couple of areas in which Maya is different. One is the thinking process Maya; cross-searches multiple sources to get the most accurate answer while removing bias. Two, every Maya is built on its user platform. Maya does not talk to other Maya systems, avoiding data leaks and sharing. And three, Maya understands your role and will adapt to users’ learning preferences

Yes, Maya offers seamless integration options. It provides robust APIs and developer tools, allowing businesses and organizations to incorporate Maya’s artificial intelligence capabilities into their existing systems or platforms, enhancing their functionality and providing an intelligent user interface.

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