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Full Stack Developer

Remote - Tampa, Fl

Diversified Culture

The workplace is a fun environment when interacting with different people. If you are home or in the office, you will be able to connect with employees and customers. Have fun learning and working with smart thinking individuals just like yourself.
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Here at Maya AI, we want to strive to make the impossible happen. We will be engaging in global formation to provide a pathway for all businesses, and brands across the world.
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Creative Director

Organization: Maya AI inc. 

Website Address:

Primary Location: Tampa, Fl | Remote or Hybrid models 

Organization Mission: Accelerate human-machine interaction to create more faster

accurate decision making.

Position Summary

We are looking for a strong minded individual to join team Maya on our progress to reach artificial general intelligence. You will help to create innovative and fresh content and ideas that can incentivize our customers to use our product. You will be managing our brand integrity, distribution, and strategy.


Summary of Experience:  

  • Create and implement concepts, guidelines and strategies in various projects and oversee them.
  • Collaborate with executives and sales to obtain objectives and value of clients, and give up updates directly to CMO.
  • Monitor results and propose new approaches to optimize marketing efforts.
  • Help to build strategy around thought leadership.
  • Create and revise Copy, that would meet clients needs, and build out our team as experts in our field through thought leadership.
  • Create demo & experimental videos, and static posts of Maya for public eyes
  • Help to establish budgets and timelines with CMO.


Content can vary in multiple areas, blogs, videos, podcasting, social media, email,

thought leadership etc.

Our targeted audiences are large pharma while experimenting in other industries.


There may be times where you have to step in and fill in the gaps of some weak

areas, this is the life of a startup as we grow.




Salary: Part-time to Full-time $18-$30 an hour

Additional Benefits: None at this time



Essential skills:

  • How to identify trends and psychological analysis for our customers
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical ability
  • An ability to multitask, and to work on several projects at once.
  • Content creation skills
  • The ability to be nimble and move fast, startups are in no way slow.


Education Requirements: None

Schedule: Open to schedules if shift hours are completed weekly

Remote Work: Yes

Location Work: Tampa

Shift Hours: 20 hours a week starting

Weekend Work: If applicable

Procedures in Place to Prevent Transmission of Covid-19: YES


Physical Address: 400 N Tampa St. Floor 15 Tampa, Florida 33502




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