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Maya AI Launches New Product Lines and Corporate Rebranding

Personalized AI solutions that enhance team performance and customer experience.


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05/21/24, Tampa, Fl — Maya AI, a leader in AI and robotic process automation, proudly announces the launch of its new product lines and a comprehensive corporate rebranding. This transformative step underscores Maya AI’s commitment to delivering personalized, efficient, and innovative solutions across HR, customer service, and regulatory reporting sectors.

Maya AI’s co-founders bring a wealth of experience from their previous careers running international call centers. They deeply understand the barriers and frustrations of HR management, recruitment, and retention. Their hands-on experience with customer service in call centers highlighted the critical challenges of diversification, language barriers, fast answers, and proper support delegation. This background has significantly influenced Maya AI’s mission and product development. The same principles apply in the healthcare, banking, and other sectors. Maya AI understands the critical need for fast, accurate support and seamless communication across diverse teams. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of healthcare providers, ensuring that patient care is always a top priority.



Maya AI’s HR product line addresses the complexities of hiring and workforce management. By automating routine tasks and personalizing communication, HR Maya helps organizations reduce costs and improve hiring efficiency. With the ability to cut HR costs by nearly 50% and accelerate the hiring process by three times, HR Maya sets a new standard for workforce optimization.

Customer Service Innovations

Customer Experience Maya is designed to enhance team performance and customer satisfaction. Leveraging AI-driven insights, this solution ensures quick, accurate responses and effective support delegation. It aims to increase customer loyalty while reducing churn by almost 50%. Our founders’ deep understanding of international call center operations, including dealing with language barriers and delivering fast answers, has been instrumental in shaping this product.

Regulatory Reporting Simplified

Regulatory Reporting Maya automates compliance processes, ensuring timely and accurate reporting. This solution helps organizations avoid fines and save valuable time, making compliance management more straightforward and efficient.

CEO's Vision

“Hi everyone, my name is Sat Ramphal, CEO and co-founder of Maya AI, and I’m so excited to announce the launch of our new product lines and our corporate rebranding. Maya is a combination of AI and robotic process automation, making automation simple, easy, and personalized—the way it was intended to be. After successfully launching into the market with regulatory compliance and due to customer demand, we have added two more product lines: HR Maya and Customer Experience Maya. With HR Maya, we can reduce your HR costs by almost 50%, and decrease the time to hire a new employee by almost three times. With Customer Service Maya, we can increase customer loyalty while decreasing customer churn by almost 50%. Join us and create a better experience with Maya today. Thanks”

Team Maya AI

Join Us in Transforming Business Operations

Maya AI invites businesses to explore how our innovative solutions can transform their operations. By taking every interaction personally, Maya AI provides seamless integration, quick time to value, and lower cost of ownership.

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Maya AI Launches New Product Lines and Corporate Rebranding Personalized AI solutions that enhance team performance and customer experience. Share 05/21/24, Tampa, Fl — Maya


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